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#TBT: Long Island Lavender

In honor of #ThrowbackThursday (#tbt), I'm reminiscing on a 2015 summer scene...

With island adventure in mind, Mr. Wood and Watch and I set our sights on Long Island's North Fork. We spent a wonderful Saturday "out East," and our first stop was Lavender By the Bay in East Marion, Long Island, NY.

Southern French fragrance and flavor are perfectly captured at this 17-acre lavender farm. It took a few tries and a firm grip on Mr. W&W's hand for me to walk the grounds, buzzing with lavender-drunk bees, but I was so glad I pushed on. A gazebo with gorgeous views awaited us, enhancing the countryside vibe.

A farmstead on the property offers lavender honey, tea, salt rub, soap, satchels, artwork, and of course, fresh or dried flower stems. The fresh bunches are currently hanging upside down in various parts of my homestead. When they dry in 10 days (according to a French-accented By the Bay employee), the buds may be used to create fragrant satchels.

Lavender By the Bay features a unique, provincial Long Island experience not to be missed. Pair your visit with a trip to a nearby seaside restaurant, and you have the recipe for a beautiful day.

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